Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why it just dosent matter!

After pondering a point, I've come to the conclusion that when bickering over what Mobile phone is the best or what platform is king, we are all missing the boat! Unless we are on the board of directors or principal stock owners, or in high management, your voice is insignificant.

I am a Samsung fan boy(hard to use this term) and with the recent announcements of Apple's new phones and watch, I joined the very loud chorus of naysayers and trolls who discredited and denounced Apple and all things non-Android. I never took one thought beyond the bigger picture, I was only concerned about my small sphere of influence and the "friends" who shared my views.

Then I thought about the BIG picture, and my paradigm shifted! Sony, Samsung, Apple, Microsoft and other similar companies have existed for a long time without any acknowledgment of me or my friends as individuals other than canned emails and other electronic correspondence soliciting more sales. It dawned on me that no matter which ecosystem you select Android, Apple, Windows, its all like the commentary in the movie Casino suggests "...its all designed to get your money!"

As I type this on a Samsung tablet, checking the time on a Samsung smart watch, slaved to a Samsung smartphone, it's easy for me to laugh at the irony I myself discovered. A simple truth is that I prefer an ecosystem that's simplistic and seamless across all aspects of my digital life, and my decision to support one brand still makes sense to me for my own reason and preferences. Consider how all of our collective electronic purchases just for this past year have contributed billions towards these companies coffers.

I'm not saying we should all shun new tech, not at all. I'm humbly asking us all to step back and take a second to think about the larger picture. In the time it took you to write some hate speech, or create a clever meme about a product or company, in the time it took you to do that, how many people in the world who can't even dream to afford what you are promoting have died of starvation, been killed in a senseless war, or have died by a 100% curable disease? In the greatest nation on earth, we can do better!

Instead of bragging on which phone is best, let's compare which company contributes the most towards ANY relief effort globally. We can be a connected family, and a caring family. Google has an initiative to bring internet to the global masses, drones are being considered to assist in global search and rescue and internet distribution, these are example of what our press should be focusing on.

Again, this not a bashing of liking one device over another, but if we can take that same energy and channel it (think the ALS ice water challenge) think of all the good, and change we can all affect and initiate from our keyboards!