Thursday, July 18, 2013

Falcon Pro, so much hope, so much disappointment

Reading a posting on one of my favorite Android blogs I came across some info on Falcon Pro. I saw it in a few places and was curious as I don't like the stock Twitter app and Echofon left me flat, why not give it a try? So after reading the review on the app, I had to have it! After downloading on HTC One S, it worked great! Set up was intuitive and simple and once loaded I even liked the black background with Magenta highlights as I'm with Tmobile! Video plays in app which blew me away, and pics are in app as well. Switching between accounts (@section16media)was very easy and the selling point for me of the app.

Now for the Ugly, when I downloaded it to my Nexus 7, it worked ok for the first few times I used it, then I got the weirdest screen of death ever where no Falcon screen came up but a Twitter log in screen, go figure. The issue is not an unknown one as Falcon Pro (as of the time of this article) is still pulled from the play store. There is an app called Falcon, but its not the same one. The issue with the app originally stems from a Token limit. Think of Face book's friend limit and how once a person reaches this limit is forced to open a new page to accommodate the new members. The 100,000 Twitter limit is much the same way as this was actually reached twice forcing drastic measures by followers trying to access the app.

Twitter removed access from any new app users and the Google removed it form the app store. So to deal with the absence of a doesn't Twitter client, I did what I wanted not to do... I went back to using Echofon Twitter client for my Nexus 7. Falcon Pro still works on my HTC One S, but I am considering removing it soon. If I find a new contender count on it being reviewed here. Do you have a Twitter client you like that wasn't mentioned here? Comment below and follow this blog!