Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The new Gmail-The beginning of the new way to do email?

I just had a friend send the link to the new Gmail upgrades and I must say I like the change! Google has really made some interesting changes in the past month. A new look for the Play Store, and new capabilities in Google Now, A new subscription service that kills Pandora! Also rumored is an upcoming remake of the Store page. But in all of these amazing changes Gmail is the one that many were waiting on. A physical change to one of the most used, and most reliable email services in the world needed a monumental new look, and the folks at Google listened!

Not only is the browser different, but Gmail now has beefed up it's brains! It now intuitively sorts your messages into categories! This is a great idea as my life is so compartmentalized that a little help in straightening things out is always welcome. Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums are the new categories to choose from. You don't have to select these settings but if you do they really help out.  Under the Primary tab, I no longer have to fight with Viagra ads, and weed through sales of the day to get to grandma's email from last Thursday. A search in the tool bar is now intuitive and searches all mail without having to set parameters.

The new updates to the phone/tablet app mirrors these same changes. On my Nexus 7, these changes are beautiful to view and a breeze to navigate. Deleting or marking multiple emails is different but not difficult, simply press and hold on a message in the list until it turns blue, do the same for any others and press the mark read option and press select, simple! The good news is that the web app is updated, simply go to settings and select inbox to activate new inbox tabs. The bad news is that Google is taking it's time in pushing out the app update to all devices and even a trip to the Play Store wont help just yet, but keep checking! If you can't wait, a simple Google search will turn up the download you need to get the app.